Assessment for learning in mathematics

The markbook keeps tabs on every factor affecting pupil performance. Every piece of information and data links together. The main features are:

  • There are two tailored markbooks, one with levels for KS2-3 and IB, one with grades for GCSE, IGCSE and A Level
  • Homework from students is highlighted in the register
  • Average sub-grades or levels are calculated for tests & homework
  • Revision topics can be recorded and printed individually
  • Issues of concern are easily stored for reports
  • Reports can be created with summaries of every piece of data
  • Gap analysis can reveal holes in student progress

The teacher topics contain everything on this website. This assists everyone record their planning, the progress made by every class and what gaps remain. Use this file and the topics page together. "I would just like to say how good it is. It will so help me in school. Thanks again," is how one recent customer commented. The main features are:

  • Topics can be sorted name, section, topic number, grade or level
  • Comments can be made for planning and assessment
  • Traffic lights can be saved and found with Excel autofilters

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The markbook with grades for GCSE, IGCSE and A Level

The markbook with levels KS2-3 & IB

The teacher assessment file for every maths topic

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Comments from users

Thank you so much to the editor who is behind this success of this website. It is more than outstanding. I give it an A********* so many stars are not enough. Thanks again.

Outstanding website!

I was looking to design my own PowerPoints for some revision sessions but found it time consuming. I then started to browse the net when I came across this wonderful site. Topics are clearly graded and I could pick and choose the PowerPoint that I wanted to use with my students. Thanks!! It is fantastic resource!

This is one of the most useful free websites I have come across. The topics are clearly organised and levelled/graded. Most of the resources provided are really good and my classes really enjoy the starters of the day. I really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into the resources.

This is an excellent site with so many useful, fun resources to use.  Almost feel guilty for using resources that someone has spent so much time creating so a big thank you, much appreciated by myself and my students.

This web site is a great resource. It makes my job a lot easier. Well done!

I really like the structure of your site and am planning to link in your resources to our new schemes of work. I really appreciate the hard work you have put into this.

This website is truly brilliant!  I love the way the topics are levelled and there are so many good resources! Thanks for sharing!

Your site is great. It really helps people like me who dont have the compuer skills to produce Powerpoints. I have found so many useful things for the classroom. I cant think how I managed without it.

This is always my first place to look for PowerPoints and other resources. It makes planning so much easier. Thank you.