Level 8 / Grade B Topics


Factorise a quadratic into double brackets

Solve an equation which requires prior simplification

Solve a factorised quadratic equation

Solve a fractional equation

Solve a harder inequality

Solve simultaneous equations algebraically (strangely, this is level 7 in SATs but grade B at GCSE)

Solve simultaneous equations graphically

Rearrange a harder formula

Substitute into the hardest formulae

Find the equation of a line from its coordinates

Plot and shade the regions of an inequality question

Sketch or recognise a graph of a real life situation (e.g. a water container)

Sketch or recognise a graph of a quadratic, cubic, reciprocal or difficult linear equation

Simiplify an algebraic expression with negative or fractional indices

Handling Data

Calculate the median, quartiles & other answers from a cumulative frequency curve & box plot

Design & complete a cumulative frequency table

Draw a cumulative frequency curve

Draw a box plot

Find the probability of independent events using a tree diagram


Solve a problem involving standard form

Calculate repeated percentage change (e.g. compound interest & depreciation)

Find the original amount before a percentage change

Find the upper & lower bounds of a rounded answer or measurement

Calculate the rational answer to a surd question

Shape, Space & Measure

Give the reasons or 'proof' to support an answer to an angle problem

Calculate the length of an arc, & sector perimeter or area

Calculate the area of shaded or compound shapes from circles

Calculate the volume & surface area of a cone or pyramid

Calculate & prove angle(s) involved in circle theorems

Calculate the volume & surface area of a sphere (grade B only - not in SATs, I think)

Recognise whether a formula represents length, area or volume

Draw loci with more than one condition

Solve a problem involving a combination of density, mass & volume

Find the upper & lower bounds of rounded answers or measurements (same as above, under Number)

Apply Pythagoras to a complicated question

Calculate the length of missing sides in harder similar shapes

Prove that shapes are congruent or similar

Solve a problem with similar figures involving area & volume

Solve a problem involving negative enlargement

Calculate a missing angle or side in a right angled triangle using trigonometry

Solve a problem involving an angle of elevation or depression using trigonometry

Solve a problem involving pythagoras & trigonometry


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