Level 7 / Grade C Topics


Factorise a single bracket

Expand double brackets

Solve an equation with the variable on both sides of the equal sign

Solve a simple inequality

Solve an equation using trial and improvement

Solve simultaneous equations algebraically (strangely, this is level 7 in SATs but grade B at GCSE)

Calculate speed, distance & time from a travel graph

Find the gradient, y-intercept & equation of a line from its graph

Simplify an algebraic expression using the rules of indices

Find the nth term formula for a (linear) expression

Handling Data

Calculate the averages from a grouped frequency table

Calculate & interpret the moving average (grade C only - not in SATs)

Understand fair sampling & its deficiencies

Design a questionnaire & correct any deficiencies

Write a hypothesis & design a way of testing it

Compare data using all the averages

Describe correlation & use the line of best fit


Multiply & divide numbers by decimals between 0 & 1

Multiply & divide fractions

Simplify numbers with powers using the rules of indices

Find the lowest common multiple of two numbers

Find the prime factors of a number & the highest common factor of two numbers

Follow the correct order of operations using BODMAS in a longer/harder question

Calculate the percentage profit or loss

Find missing constants and variables when items are in direct or inverse proportion (grade C only - not in SATs)

Check solutions to long questions by approximating

Shape, Space & Measure

Find the bearings & distances of two or more objects (from each other)

Find the missing interior & exterior angle(s) in regular & irregular polygons

Calculate the volume & surface area of a cylinder

Calculate the length of an arc, & sector and segment area (apparently, some of this is now grade C - only arcs, I think)

Calculate the volume & surface area of a prism

Draw an angle or line (perpendicular) bisector

Draw a shape (e.g. triangle) accurately from its description

Solve a problem involving a combination of speed, distance & time

Convert between units of currency

Calculate the length of a missing side of a right angled triangle using Pythagoras

Solve a problem involving fractional enlargement

Reflect a shape in a diagonal mirror line and find the equation of the mirror line

Rotate a shape, or state the angle, direction & centre of rotation

Solve a problem involving translation using vectors

Recognise & describe a combination of transformations


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