Level 6 / Grade D Topics


Expand a single bracket

Solve an equation with the variable on one side of the equal sign

Convert a number machine into an equation

Rearrange a simple formula

Substitute numbers into a harder formula (e.g. squaring)

Interpret a conversion or simple speed/distance graph

Plot a line from its equation using a table of values

Plot & recognise horizontal, vertical & simple diagonal lines

Find a specific sequence term from a given worded or nth term rule

Handling Data

Calculate the averages from a frequency table

Distinguish between qualitative, quantitative, discrete & continuous data

Collect & sort continuous data into groups within a frequency table

Draw a stem & leaf diagram

Draw a pie chart (by calculating the angles)

Draw a frequency polygon (it is a line graph for continuous data)

Plot a scatter graph & the line of best fit

Draw a histogram (it is a bar chart for grouped data)

Interpret a stem & leaf diagram

Interpret a pie chart (by using the angles)

Interpret a frequency polygon (it is a line graph for continuous data)

Interpret a histogram (it is a bar chart for grouped data)

Calculate the probability of an event not happening

Calculate the probability of combined events by listing the outcomes in a table

Estimate probability from experiments or data (known as relative frequency)

Predict the expected number of outcomes an event might occur


Convert between fractions, decimals & percentages

Multiply & divide decimals (with whole numbers too)

Convert between mixed numbers & improper fractions

Write one amount as a fraction of another

Add & subtract fractions

Multiply & divide negative numbers

Calculate simple interest

Calculate harder percentage change (including VAT, tax & credit)

Find one amount as a percentage of another

Divide or share an amount in a given ratio

Find fractions of items in proportion to each other (e.g. recipes)

Compare & simplify numbers in a given ratio

Round numbers to decimal places & significant figures

Shape, Space & Measure

Find the missing angle(s) in parallel lines

Measure & draw bearings

Calculate the area & circumference of a circle

Calculate the area of a parallelogram, trapezium, kite & compound shape

Calculate the volume of a cuboid or cube

Draw all the points a given distance from a point or line

Convert between units of length, area & volume

Identify all the planes of symmetry of 3D shapes

Draw 3D shapes on isometric (dotted) paper

Learn & distinguish the properties of every 2D shape

Draw tesselation & know why it is sometimes impossible

Draw & recognise the plan & elevations of a 3D shape

Calculate the length of missing sides in simple similar shapes

Use the scale factor to solve a problem with a map or a scale drawing

Solve a problem involving positive enlargement


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